Does God Check His Voicemail?

Carl here. I grew up in a Lutheran world where prayer was pretty much practiced as leaving a message on voicemail for God to check later: you pray, you’re pretty sure someone is listening up there, and you go about your business. Easy, right? Obviously, God must have had a lot of unheard messages on […]

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Praise & Worship in the Thin Places

The teachings of my new book, LOVE SPEAKS, flow from understanding the Lord’s love in his multi-faceted voice. How is the best way to GROW in deeper love and relationship with the God who IS LOVE? A daily devotion with sincere worship from your heart is a great place to start! By placing yourself in an […]

The Word of Wisdom: unlocking your destiny

Have you ever wondered how to flow in perhaps the greatest of all the spiritual gifts, the word of wisdom? The following devotional blog is an excerpt from my new book, Love Speaks, and is “Way #16” out of the 21 ways to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice. Just what is the Word of Wisdom? First […]

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Go To The Toilet: NOW!

In my new book, Love Speaks, I teach on 2 of the most common ways that you can hear the voice of God: the “inner witness” and the “inner voice” of the Spirit. For this month’s blog post, I am re-printing one of my more dramatic personal stories to help illustrate the combination of both […]

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Holy Coincidence, Batman!

Have you ever bumped into somebody you know in a kind of “chance encounter,” enjoyed amazing fellowship with them, and wondered, “Was this God’s guiding hand?” If so, you’ve enjoyed Way #13 (out of 21 possible “ways”) that LOVE SPEAKS: a “Holy Coincidence, Batman!” A simple definition: “The idea that your Heavenly Father has gone […]

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Prepare for Providence!

In this New Year, it is a healthy exercise to pause every so often and ponder the Providence of the Father. He really does love you personally. He really does speak, every week, to help you learn what His best plans are for you. He really does reach out from the eternal realm, into this […]

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How Do We Spell, “GOD”?

For a Christian only, we don’t spell GOD, G-O-D. Instead, we spell Him like this: Father-Son-Holy Spirit. This is called by many, the Trinity or Triune God. This revelation, and the relationship and intimate voice that follows, is only accessible to a Christian. Many millions of people outside of true faith in Christ are praying […]

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Love Speaks: How Do We Spell, “LOVE?”

Adapted from the Introduction & Section 4 of Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice by Carl Wesley Anderson, part one.*** I would like to begin by defining the term, “LOVE” from my new book title, Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice. We understand from Scripture that GOD IS LOVE. That’s […]

God Has No Grandchildren

God Has No Grandchildren

My new book is filled with 21 unique ways that God is reaching out in an ongoing dialogue with you and I. The foundation of understanding this idea is wrapped up in His love for us as our Father-God. Nobody I know has had a “perfect” earthly father or grandfather. So when it comes to […]


This is my most recent blog (by Carl Wesley Anderson).

I was so saddened to learn of the death recently of YWAM Founder, Loren Cunningham.

I had the honor of being invited by Loren twice to Kona to interview him for LOVE SPEAKS.

He is a part of multiple Episodes sharing his amazing stories of God’s leadings.

In his honor, and to spread a very special Legacy Message that I asked him to give us all, I have uploaded the 28-minute version of Love Speaks, Episode 10: “Visions of the Nations” for you as a blessing.

Carl with Loren Cunningham

I know you will love this Episode, as it opens in Hawaii and I interview Loren about his book, “Is That Really You, God?” which changed my life and taught me so many ways that Love is Speaking.

I hope you will watch this film and please do pass along the link to a few friends and family who would also be blessed by watching it.

You will also learn how to expect to receive visions in prayer as a continuous “Way” to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice!

I spent some precious hours with Loren and always felt I was sitting next to a General in the Faith. What an inspiration!

As you watch the Film, remember this promise,

“And the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, even as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14).