Love Speaks through Nature

Daring to Walk with God // From History to Hope Episode 3

WHAT IF you could encounter God’s voice every time you were daring enough to take a walk with God?

It’s a dare, right? We are talking about the God of all Creation, and the God of all Providence, meeting with you on a walk!

Let me share some brief teaching on these 2 themes, from Ways 6 & 7 to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice from my book, LOVE SPEAKS.

First, you can hear the voice of God in all of His Creation.

Take a Walk with the Father of Creation

When Jesus taught us the simplicity of learning to trust Him for all our daily needs, He shared this unique word in Matthew 6.

“CONSIDER…the birds. CONSIDER…the lilies”

That word, “CONSIDER” is the Greek word, “KATANOEO” which means,

“The attention paid is intense, and the contemplation is broad and thorough, resulting in complete understanding.”

In other words, Jesus Himself taught you “how” to take a walk with Him!


Here’s how…

(1) Notice God’s creation. If you see something move—a bird, a butterfly, a squirrel–anything. Stop and watch it.

Watch it move, or watch it be still. Look at the trees, the flowers, even the sky.

Look at the contrast of colors and different shades of green all around you.

CONSIDER and listen to the voice of God!

Love Speaks through Nature

Love Speaks Through Nature

Finish your walk, then…

(2) Look back at what you just saw and heard, and thank God for it.

What do you now carry with you into your life that you did not have before?

The Holy Spirit within you will teach you of the majesty of God through the naturally supernatural world all around you.


God is the God of your Tomorrows

That’s right! What do I mean when I use the term, “Providence”? A simple definition:

Your Father is speaking through His direct and in-direct leadings of circumstances and outward signs. He is taking the initiative to bring His good will to pass for you.

Really? Sure. Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 10: 29-31,

“Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.”

You Are More Valuable Than Sparrows

You Are More Valuable Than Sparrows

I like to put it this way: BELIEVE His love for you is so real, He has already visited your tomorrow and is preparing good things for you!

He is the God of your tomorrows!

You can hear God’s voice EVERYWHERE!

This unique Episode of my Telly award-winning Historical Documentary Series, “From History to Hope” shares on both of these themes.

The truth? God speaks through Creation, and God speaks through Providence.

Here’s a summary of what’s included in the 25 minute Episode.

I open it by inviting you on a walk: a walk in a snowstorm in fact!

This Episode ties together 2 special stories from Salvation-History.

First, those of the ancient Christian Celts in England and the U.K. who learned how to communicate with God: in all of His NATURE & CREATION!

I share a very personal story of a walk I once took in the midst of my cancer battle, and how God spoke to me through the simplicity of a rock during that walk.

Secondly I cover the subject of “PROVIDENCE.”

I travel over to Holland and visit the famous “Hiding Place” where Sister Corrie ten Boom and her family hid over 800 Jews fleeing from the Nazis in WW II.

Carl Visits "The Hiding Place"

Carl Visits “The Hiding Place”

I share some incredible lessons of God’s Providence in the life of Corrie from inside a Concentration Camp which will surely inspire you.

And I end the Episode back in the snow to remind us all how unique we are, and to, “Dare to take a walk with God” and learn to listen to His voice!

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Dare to Take a WALK WITH GOD & Recognize His Voice!

Dare to Take a WALK WITH GOD & Recognize His Voice! – YouTube

So are you daring enough to take a walk with God? Not only will He be present with you on your walk in His Creation, but you’ll also discover in His Providence He has already gone ahead of you!