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Watch, Love Speaks Through St. Patrick: His Dreams, His Legacy 1 min. Trailer

LOVE SPEAKS THROUGH ST. PATRICK combines some storytelling directly from Episode 11/Way #11 from, “LOVE SPEAKS” (the 21-Chapter Book and the 21-Episode Documentary Film Series).

Join filmmaker and explorer Carl Wesley Anderson on a journey through Salvation-History to discover, through the dreams of St. Patrick, how God has always been communicating to us as we sleep!

We’ll dive deep into learning just how to encounter the LORD in our dreams, while additionally learning of the unique story of St. Patrick and being inspired by his dreams.

Did you know…

Patrick was not even Irish?

You will be blessed, inspired, and uplifted by learning of St. Patrick’s legacy in this Special Episode drawn from Carl’s 21 Episode-Series, “LOVE SPEAKS” based on his best-selling book of the same title.

This inspiring Episode is a great blessing for St. Patrick’s Day and anytime throughout the year. Keep Listening!

Did you know…

This Episode, and additionally all 21 Episodes in the Series, follow a Chapter of the book and a new “WAY” to hear God’s voice!

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Hearing the Voice of Our Father

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Love Speaks

Originally Broadcast on TBN, the Director’s Cuts (with 50% more storytelling than on the Broadcast Versions) are now ready for you!

I absolutely LOVE this documentary Series! It has changed the way I pray. Now I actually EXPECT that God WANTS to and WILL help me recognize the ways in which He is speaking.

Each Episode speaks to me personally because I believe God is speaking through the stories that Carl has created. They are full of wisdom and insight.

These numerous, real-life examples from Salvation-History and modern times both illustrate and MOTIVATE!

After watching, “Love Speaks” by Brother Carl, I have fallen deeper in love with JESUS!

This unique Series has truly helped me acquire a more intimate relationship with Him, and the many Ways God speaks to you are invaluable.

This is a resource I will watch over and over again. I would urge anyone to KEEP LISTENING AND TAKE A DEEPER DIVE WITH GOD!