I absolutely LOVE this documentary Series! It has changed the way I pray. Now I actually EXPECT that God WANTS to and WILL help me recognize the ways in which He is speaking.

Each Episode speaks to me personally because I believe God is speaking through the stories that Carl has created. They are full of wisdom and insight.

These numerous, real-life examples from Salvation-History and modern times both illustrate and MOTIVATE!

After watching, “Love Speaks” by Brother Carl, I have fallen deeper in love with JESUS!

This unique Series has truly helped me acquire a more intimate relationship with Him, and the many Ways God speaks to you are invaluable.

This is a resource I will watch over and over again. I would urge anyone to KEEP LISTENING AND TAKE A DEEPER DIVE WITH GOD!

Sow into our Media Mission & help us finish filming Love Speaks Season 3.

Thank you for your generosity and welcome to our Mission!

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