Love Speaks New Edition

Love Speaks NEW EDITION!

21 Ways to Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice

(eBook) (Paperback Edition) 336 pages

Did you know Love Speaks? Every day! What if hearing God’s voice in new ways could help you continually experience His love, even when your life’s journey seems uncertain and you don’t have all the answers? Click below to learn more about beginning a journey of discovery as you enter a dialogue with God, personally! Hearing His voice is easier than you might think.

Love Speaks New eCourse!

perfect for small group

or individual study


Join Carl for one-on-one teaching in his new


The fun, exciting and relevant instructions will give you a quick start to a heart that listens intently for God’s voice in your life.

It’s your own personal instruction to grow in your contact with God, even as you receive His love for you, personally.

32 Videos & 100-page Workbook included.


Love Speaks on TBN

Love Speaks Documentary Series

21-Episode Documentary Film Series (with Bonus Features)

A unique Episodic walk through Salvation-History: finding God’s multi-faceted voice for a modern generation. Each Episode is based upon a Chapter & “Way” to hear God’s voice from Carl’s book, “Love Speaks.”

If you are yearning to grow in your relationship with the LORD and hear His multi-faceted voice more clearly, this Series is for you!

The Love Speaks Digital Download Set includes 14 beautiful Episodes, (with expanded stories and footage than broadcast in the Original TV Series) & some unique Bonus Features.

NOTE: coming in 2024: you will receive the final 7 Episodes as a gift! 21 Episodes total!

Each Episode will equip you in a new “way” to enjoy continual contact with Him (there are 21 Chapters in Carl’s book, “LOVE SPEAKS”) and 21 corresponding Episodes!

You will grow through watching each Episode in your ability to hear from God through both His Word & His Spirit.

Currently 14 Episodes are loaded, with another 7 coming soon!

(Originally Broadcast worldwide on TBN, TBN UK, TBN Nordic and TBN AFRICA).

​Soli Deo Gloria!

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