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We are an exciting new Telly Award-Winning Series featuring filmmaker and explorer Carl Wesley Anderson. We discover stories of faith throughout Salvation-History.

These unique stories illustrate everyday heroes walking out the Word of God in their daily lives through extraordinary circumstances.

The God of the Bible is the God of Today!

What we learn along the way will motivate and reinforce why one person’s faith can impact so many others.

And… Build Faith in the Present and Hope for the Future.

Hope! Yesterday, Today, and Always.

There’s Always Hope!

***Winner of Best New Historical Documentary Series for Television, 2020!

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Watch now! Episode 1 // Christ at the Crossroads

In this opening Episode, Carl goes on a journey through ancient Celtic Christian history to find some authentic expressions of faith and outreach for a modern audience.

He travels to Knowlton Henge in England and visits one of the most dramatic sites of Christian transformation in that Nation.

Christ at the Crossroads

Christ at the Crossroads

Then he visits Ireland to share the stories of St. Patrick and St. Brigid.

These are 2 wonderful examples of Celtic leaders who brought the presence of Christ and the love of the Father into a pagan culture. With the Holy Spirit they transformed their culture!

Finally, he visits a modern community of faith in an area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, called SOURCE. Here, the light of Christ is transforming the spiritual darkness.

This inspiring Episode will build faith for introducing Christ to people where they are, and where Christ is found: at the Crossroads!

To learn more of the Ministry we highlight in Episode 1, Source Ministries with Directors Peter & Jessica Wohler, please visit their website. Tell them you saw them on, “From History to Hope”! Click here,

Special 90-minute Documentary for Broadcast and Streaming/SVOD Worldwide!

90 minute documentary

Note: this an internationally recognized award-winning film, garnering both a Gold & Bronze TELLY AWARD for Best New Historical Documentary Series (the other winners in this Category included PBS, Netflix & the Smithsonian Channel).

This film is currently being broadcast live on the DAYSTAR International Network and other Networks to a potential global audience of 1.6 billion homes.

By watching this film, you will be equipped to recognize God’s voice in the fulness of the Trinity speaking in personal contact in 4 distinct ways:

(1) The Holy Spirit will speak through His “Inner Voice”
(2) The Father will speak through “Nature/Creation”
(3) The Father leads you through His “Providence”
(4) Jesus will speak through “His Word” (the Bible)

NOTE: this Film is based on 4 of the 21 themes from Carl’s new book, TV Series, and MASTERCLASS entitled, “LOVE SPEAKS: 21 WAYS TO RECOGNIZE GOD’S MULTI-FACETED VOICE.”

The stories in the film include:

*Fenelon and Madame Guyon from the 17th Century French Catholic Era (Way #4: The Inner Voice of the Holy Spirit)

*The ancient Celtic Christian Saints, and early Catholic Saints like St. Francis, from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales & Europe from the 5th to 12th Centuries (WAY # 6: The Father Speaks Through Nature/Creation).

*Holocaust Survivor Sister Corrie ten Boom and a visit to “The Hiding Place” near Amsterdam, where she and her family hid over 800 Jewish refugees fleeing persecution from the Nazi’s (WAY #7: The Father Speaks Through Providence).

*The Scottish Covenanters of the 17th Century.
*The Irish Celtic Christians
*America’s First Missionary: Adoniram Judson (WAY #1: Jesus Speaks Through His Established Word/The Bible).


Just wanted to let you know how beautiful and amazing the 90-minute Show I just watched on DAYSTAR TV “From History to Hope: God’s Love Speaks Through Time.”

“It touched my heart and my husband’s so profoundly.

“It was incredible!

“We were amazed at all of the different parts of the world the gentleman Carl Wesley Anderson was able to take us and reveal many historical truths of how God has worked through many and spoke to them personally to further the Gospel of Jesus.

“The one story of a Mr. Judson was so powerful. He had spent the night in a hotel with a man next door to him that was dying. Unbeknownst to him that it was his best friend from college. Mr. Judson could hear the man as he was dying crying out and being terrified of dying.

“When Judson found out that it was his best friend, and he had died without Jesus, it caused Judson to reaffirm his childhood faith and became a vibrant and vigilant Christian professing God’s salvation to whomever would listen.

“He became America’s first missionary!

“He knew that his friend had died and perished into hell, and it broke his heart to make him more diligent to tell everyone about Jesus’ salvation and the path to Heaven.

“I cried!

“The LORD touched my own heart to see people who do not know Jesus as perishing, and to be even more of a witness to them than I am now.

“Thank you again for having so many wonderful programs on DAYSTAR. We are glad to be a financial partner with you all.

-Robert and Denise”

Preview our new 90-minute Documentary! Build Faith in the Present and Hope for the Future!

Hi Carl,

I just watched Episode 1, “Christ at the Crossroads.” Again, another wonderful life-giving program! It is filled with the Holy Spirit and encouragement. I never knew about the Celtic ministry approach. Excellent!

“‘FROM HISTORY TO HOPE’ is both inspiring and thought-provoking. Carl Wesley Anderson has woven together meaningful research, personal interviews, and beautiful cinematography and the result is a memorable and moving Series. It will impact your life and draw you closer to our LORD. You need to watch it today!”

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“LOVE SPEAKS completely took me by surprise. I read books about hearing God all the time, but they don’t grip me the way that LOVE SPEAKS did. By reading Carl’s book, you will advance in your journey of hearing God’s voice! I love his writing style and felt hungrier for this very dear subject to my heart.”

“The very heart of LOVE SPEAKS is an invitation to understand how much we are deeply loved, totally known, and seen by the Father. These resources will be a great blessing in understanding your friendship with God!”