Does God Talk Back?

Does God Talk Back? // Full Documentary

I have just watched, “DOES GOD TALK BACK?” by Carl Wesley Anderson. I was so blessed by this documentary! What a clear and simple word to believers.

As a Pastor, if anyone is questioning if God can speak to them, I would gladly direct them to this program.

It will help them understand the different ways the LORD does speak, and how we can hear Him “talk back” to us!

“DOES GOD TALK BACK?” is inspiring and thought-provoking.

Carl Wesley Anderson provides in-depth detail on how God communicates with all of us, yet presents it in a clear and uncomplicated way.

A heart-stirring description of how our Father speaks to us every day!

“Does God Talk Back?”

is an engaging new 1 hour documentary from filmmaker, author and Bible teacher Carl Wesley Anderson!

Can people REALLY hear God’s voice on a continual basis? And how can we know that it’s really HIM talking back to us in prayer?

This film features a unique blend of teachings, stories from Salvation-History, and memorable examples in a TOP 10 LIST to help viewers answer this question in the affirmative.

Braveheart impression


De Niro impression

Carl’s unique personality also comes out as he quotes Braveheart, performs Shakespeare, and even does an impression of Robert De Niro.

This film both entertains and educates, even while imparting faith that indeed, no matter what Christian background you are from, you can begin to hear the voice of God as He “talks back” in multiple ways, continuously.

This film is based on Carl’s best-selling book, “Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice” and contains teaching clips from his Love Speaks Masterclass eCourse.

Top 10 List

Get ready for a Top 10 List like you’ve never seen before!

The Top 10 List, from Least Common to Most Common

  • Way #10: The Audible Voice

  • Way #9: The Gift of Prophecy

  • Way #8: Media

  • Way #7: Other Believers

  • Way #6: Divine Appointments

  • Way #5: Dreams

  • Way #4: Nature

  • Way #3: The Inner Witness

  • Way #2: The Inner Voice

  • Way #1: The Living Word (the Bible)