A Voice of One Calling Video Course

A Voice of One Calling

Understanding the Voice of the LORD


I produced a professional video of this teaching in 2008. I look quite a bit younger in this Series!

NOTE! These are foundational teaching, rich in the Word, and were the bedrock of my current, “LOVE SPEAKS” book, documentary film series, and Masterclass eCourse.

Individual believers, churches, and prayer/cell groups all over the world have utilized these 6 Main Sessions over a 6-week class/cell group/small group study/individual study of teaching, training, and discussion on God’s many ways and means of speaking!

Now available on YouTube for Instant viewing anywhere!

“We always hear the things we listen for, and our disposition determines what we listen for. When Jesus Christ alters our disposition, He gives us the power to hear as He hears. God spoke to Jesus once and the people said it thundered. Jesus did not think it thundered; His ears were trained by the disposition of his soul (flesh) to know His Father’s voice.” –Oswald Chambers

“A Voice is Calling, ‘Clear the way for the Lord. . .’” Isaiah 40:30

Session Titles and Themes:

1. Kingdom Theocracy: The Sovereignty of God in His Unfolding Kingdom

2. The Revelatory Lifestyle: Daily Friendship with God

3. Illumination of the Spirit & the Word: Hearing God’s Voice in His Word

4. The Ways of God’s Leading

5. Divine Intersections & His “Mystical” Means

6. The 4 Master Keys: Faith, Fasting, Fortitude, Fascination

***Bonus “Activation” Video of the Living Word: receiving a “word from the Word!”

***Bonus “Historical Interludes” Videos to teach and inspire from history how various people have learned the truths taught in this Course:

-St. Patrick of Ireland, “Saint and Scholar”

-St. Cuthbert of England & Scotland, “Fire of the North”

-George Fox of the Quakers, “The Quaking Saints”

-J. Edwin Orr of Ireland: Revivalist, “Prayer Brings Revival”

Here is an 8 minute Compilation video that gives you a taste of what you will be receiving.

What Leaders Are Saying:

It Changed My Life!
“I had been taught that the Voice of God was for Bible times, not for now. During this Course, I learned to use the gifts God has given me and felt truly close to God for the first time.”*

I Learned To Hear!
“I didn’t really think I could hear God’s voice until I watched this Video Course. Now I know what God sounds like, and I am encountering Him every week!” *

*–Pastoral references, used with permission.

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