Changing of the Guard


God is desiring to pour His glory upon a rising generation.

Are you ready to join His End Times Army of Millennials and their Mentors?

In this book you will be Informed, Inspired, & Instructed!

Informed to the factors that have shaped you into part of an end-times generation more desperate than any other poised to turn the world upside-down for the gospel;

Inspired to identify deeper with Almighty God as your intimate Father and His Church of the LORD Jesus as your nurturing mother;

Instructed in practical ways to be trained and released in this bold new guard of disciplined soldiers of the cross of Christ!

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Millennials are under attack from many external forces, seeking to divert their purpose in God. Why? Because the Enemy knows his time is short and he has been busy launching an all-out attack against an entire generation, starting with abortion and child slavery and promoting the “God is dead” message around the world. Many young people do not know the power of God and the reality of His love and grace as a result.

It’s time to change that!

It’s from the Millennials: “Generation XTREME,” that God is raising up the next leaders: the bold—the faithful—those who will “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

Generation XTREME is comprised of younger leaders who are devoted to worship, praise, radical prayer and intercession, divine intimacy, friendship with God, and building community with each other for the cause of justice and new ways of sharing their faith in Christ.

Changing of the Guard also speaks to those “Moses” Mentors who serve a vital purpose in training, equipping, and releasing the new generation into even more powerful callings than their own generation experienced.

There is a new move of REVIVAL and AWAKENING spreading around the world.

Are you ready?

Will you accept His invitation to

  • Launch out in the Spirit and grow in the Word?
  • Believe the impossible?
  • Live the radical life of faith on the edge of God’s frontier?
  • If so, He will transform you into the Xtreme!

What Leaders Are Saying about Changing of the Guard

“Your book was truly life-changing when I read it last month. The pages were filled with so much FAITH for God’s purposes in our day and the Holy Spirit used it to inspire me to begin changing lives for the gospel. I have no doubt you’re going to impact thousands with it.” –A Pastor’s Wife

“Carl Anderson is a passionate evangelist with a concern to see a new generation to rise up and fulfil their destiny in Christ. His book, Changing of the Guard, will help all those who want to understand God’s generational purposes and are prepared to enter into the purposes of God for their life. I highly recommend it.”
Canon J. John, Evangelist,
The Philo Trust

Changing of the Guard - imperative“I write to commend the book ‘Changing of the Guard.’ Carl Anderson, who I have known for over twenty years, has given us an exciting and challenging look at the future of the church, especially for ministry to the Millennial Generation & those called to Mentor them.”
–Dr. Alan Langstaff, Kairos Ministries, Inc.

“When I read Changing of the Guard I was stirred within myself to do two things. The first was to pursue Jesus on behalf of my whole generation, and secondly, I became aware of the importance to honor my mentors in the faith. I recommend this book to an entire young army who desperately need to know their place, as well as mothers and fathers who want their legacy to matter…”
–Matthew, age 25.

“Carl’s book has tapped into the desperate cry for older and younger generations to work together. His book is an important tool. I hope we are listening to the message he has written about!” –J. Lee Grady, Editor, Charisma Magazine

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