Introductory Blog Post announcing the worldwide premiere of our new Series!

Our Mission at Born to Blaze is to utilize various forms of media to create ministry resources that highlight life-altering historical stories of faith, as inspiration for believers to be passionate in discipleship.

In 2018, LOVE SPEAKS, our first episodic Series, was premiered and re-aired multiple times on the largest Christian television network – TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).

In 2019, our Team took our Born to Blaze Mission even further by working tirelessly behind the scenes on a brand new Series with the goal to reach more people through more countries all over the world.

We’re excited to say: we’ve accomplished it!

Starting this month, FROM HISTORY TO HOPE will begin airing on multiple international media television networks, to an estimated audience of 200-300 million people. Here’s just a few you can watch the Series on,


Stay tuned…

For now, I am thrilled to be able to share Episode 1 with you, streaming live 24/7 right here on our website!


As a filmmaker and explorer, in each Episode, I share stories of faith throughout Salvation-History. These unique stories illustrate everyday heroes walking out the Word of God in their daily lives through extraordinary circumstances.

The God of the Bible is the God of Today!

What you learn along the way will motivate and reinforce why one person’s faith can impact so many others, and also bring us a vision and hope for the future.

Hope! Yesterday, Today, and Always…There’s Always Hope!

How is this Series different than LOVE SPEAKS?

Each Episode of LOVE SPEAKS highlights a new specific “way” to learn to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice. While I do utilize themes from Salvation-History to illustrate those ways, in FROM HISTORY TO HOPE you will learn many MORE and UNIQUE lessons of faith and NEW THEMES of passionate discipleship.

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Here’s what you can do,

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  2. SHARE the link with your family and friends to encourage them to watch (Facebook and Instagram it)!

  3. PRAY for the Series to impact millions of people for the Kingdom.

Christ at the Crossroads

Christ at the Crossroads

In this opening Episode, Carl goes on a journey through ancient Celtic Christian history to find some authentic expressions of faith and outreach for a modern audience.

He travels to Knowlton Henge in England and visits one of the most dramatic sites of Christian transformation in that Nation.

Then he visits Ireland to share the stories of St. Patrick and St. Brigid, 2 wonderful examples of Celtic believers, both men and women, who brought the presence of Christ and the love of the Father into a pagan culture and transformed it by the Gospel.

Finally, he visits a modern community of faith in an area of Uptown, Minnesota, called SOURCE, where the light of Christ is transforming the spiritual darkness. You will meet Peter & Jessica Wohler, directors of SOURCE (click here to visit their website).

This inspiring Episode will build faith for introducing Christ to people where they are, and where Christ is found: at the Crossroads!