Encountering God in His Living Word

Encountering God in His Living Word

How to Study the Word of God & Listen to the God of the Word

(eBook; 55 pages)

This powerful eBook will challenge you today to begin to change in your ability to interact with the very personal Holy Spirit through the Word of God.

By reading and putting into practice the simple yet profound truths in this eBook, you will begin developing a new discipline of balance as you approach the Word of God:

an approach of balance between

(1) study of the “established” Word; (you can thus live out your daily lifestyle according to its truth, its doctrine, and its general revelations of God to man), and

(2) exercising your faith and expectancy for


God Himself, by the Holy Spirit, to speak directly to you in the “living” Word; (you can thus live out your daily lifestyle according to its personal truth, its doctrine, and its specific revelations of God to man in guidance)!

Truth is still truth. The Word does not change, but the way in which you act, react and interact with the Word needs to change! This is just part of growth: growing more into the likeness of Christ and learning better how to be led by the Holy Spirit and hear His personal “marching orders” for your own life, by His Word.

Both the book of Acts and the history of the Christian Church reveal multiple ways and means of God having contact with men and women.

Learning how to hear from Him in His Word is one of the easiest and most rewarding of these multiple ways He chooses to make contact with us.

It truly is an adventure to build faith!


-The Bible is actual a series of Love Letters! Letters of love from a Father to His sons and daughters!

-There are 2 different words for, “Word” in the Bible, and each has unique meanings!

-Learn to ask 2 questions every week in your study:

1. What DID this verse mean to the original audience?

2. What DOES this verse mean to me personally?

-How do you turn the “established” Word of God into a DEFENSIVE weapon against the Enemy?

-How do you turn the “Living Word” of God into an OFFENSIVE weapon against the Enemy?

-You will learn the power of DECREEING the Word of God and the secret of the authority from Jesus to speak His word in power

-4 unique historical examples are given from 2,000+ years of Church History!

-How did Jesus defeat the Enemy in the wilderness? What can you learn from Him?

-The power of persistent prayer and proclamation in standing on the Word

“I am so blessed to see a balanced, Biblical approach to this topic. In a world of extremes, when people feel the need to be more and more outrageous in order to be heard, it’s reassuring to hear that Gods word is available to us as fresh revelation without going off on a tangent!

I believe this will minister to people across the spectrum of Christian traditions and positions.

I just read through it and can already think of a few people to whom I would love to send this!”

-Rev. Ian Peters, Overseer & Leader, The Omega Team Network of Churches and Ministries

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