Carl with Loren Cunningham

Visions of the Nations: Love Speaks Full Episode with Loren Cunningham!

LOVE SPEAKS Episode 10 YWAM Special Edition with Loren Cunninghmam // "Visions of the Nations"

Visions of the Nations (click to play the full 28 minute Episode)

I was so saddened to learn of the death of YWAM Founder, Loren Cunningham.

I had the honor of being invited by Loren twice to Kona to interview him for LOVE SPEAKS.

He is a part of multiple Episodes sharing his amazing stories of God’s leadings, (including a fresh new Episode that I am working on this very week)!

In his honor, and to spread a very special Legacy Message that I asked him to give us all, I have uploaded the 28-minute version of Love Speaks, Episode 10: “Visions of the Nations” for you as a blessing.

I know you will love this Episode, as it opens in Hawaii and I interview Loren about his book, “Is That Really You, God?” which changed my life and taught me so many ways that Love is Speaking.

It also includes insights by author Kevin Winters about intimacy with Jesus.

I hope you will watch this film and please do pass along the link below to a few friends and family who would also be blessed by watching it.

The Episode includes the unique story of St. Ansgar, “Apostle of the North” who introduced the Gospel to the Vikings back in the 9th Century. He was led by the Holy Spirit…through Visions of the Nations!

You will also learn how to expect to receive visions in prayer as a continuous “Way” to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice!

Carl with Loren Cunningham

I spent some precious hours with Loren and always felt I was sitting next to a General in the Faith.

What an inspiration!

As you watch the Film, remember this promise,

“And the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, even as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14).

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