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The Inner Witness = Spiritual Intuition

Here is a simple way to work with the Holy Spirit whenever you are seeking fresh direction, or seeking to confirm a direction or a path and you already have at least the Word of God to light the way.

Think for a moment of the three lights at a traffic intersection. You know what those lights signal:

Red = “stop” or “no”

Yellow = “caution”

Green = “go!”I have utilized this very simple application in prayer hundreds of times. As you get better at working along with the Holy Spirit at this, it will become quite natural.

You will want to actively ask the Holy Spirit, in relation to a particular situation you are facing,

“LORD, red, yellow, or green?”

And then wait upon the Lord and see what you can sense in your inner spirit.

I think this approach is a little bit radical. I know that many of you are wondering by now how this and other approaches affect your mind. I mean, God gave you a mind and reason to be used, didn’t He?


So this approach is radical because it tends to bypass the faculties of the natural mind.

In the West, we have been taught that the pursuit of knowledge and the faculty of reason reign supreme. We live in a rational world with scientific proof explaining nearly everything around us, from the smallest micro-organisms to the largest black holes and new cosmoses being discovered yearly.

This is only half of the way God has fashioned us in His wisdom.

The other half is what I term the intuitive, the part of us that just “knows-that-we-know-that-we-know” without it being a rational discussion of physical proof.

The God of the Bible is the God who created man and woman uniquely in His own image, and breathed into them the Spirit of life, and created both the rational and intuitive inside each of us.

NOTE: your “sense” will ALWAYS line up with the truth of the Word of God!

Genesis teaches clearly that the rational part of us and the intuitive part of us have been affected by the Fall. In a very real sense, the spirit of man became inactive after the Fall.

You will note in Genesis 3 that God forbade Adam and Eve from re-entering the intimate place of fellowship with Him, communicating Spirit-to-spirit.

He did not allow them to eat or partake of the Tree of Life.

Jesus Christ Himself poured out the life-giving, life-filled Holy Spirit at His ascension, as a gift from the Father. We are reborn and our inner spirit becomes active once again and receives communication daily from Heaven.

“There is a faculty we may term ‘spiritual intuition.’ It is the most difficult to speak of because it is by far the deepest aspect of our beings and often defies neat and tidy categories,” writes Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon. “In seeking the mind of God we need the humility to move beyond our own powers of reason and to seek an intuition given Spirit to spirit.
“It will often be in the form of an inner check or confirmation.
“That’s it. Do That.”
“No, don’t do that.”
“The inner “yes” and “amen” of God is often a fleeting impression like the gentle breeze felt but difficult to grasp hold of.”

So, to sum up the understanding of the inner witness, the Holy Spirit, as a Person of the Trinity, knows and understands you and lives in your human spirit.

As you pray and ask Him to speak, you can expect something like a set of traffic lights to be there; a kind of YES in your heart when the light is GREEN, meaning,

“Go, and I am with you.”

Or a kind of CAUTION light sometimes is the sign within if the situation needs you to step back and perhaps wait for further guidance, or to proceed with caution.

Or a “NO, don’t do that” will be heard in your spirit, followed by almost a check or tightness inside. Like a RED light.

Every day of your life, get in contact with the witness of the Holy Spirit within, and learn through trial and error just how to gain “spiritual intuition” through the Inner Witness.

**Excerpt from LOVE SPEAKS, Chapter 3, “Follow the Witness” by Carl Wesley Anderson. Paperback, Audio book or eBook available now,


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    Have you “sensed” the Inner Witness of the Holy Spirit recently? Please share your experience with us or comment below! -CW

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