God Has No Grandchildren

God Has No Grandchildren

My new book is filled with 21 unique ways that God is reaching out in an ongoing dialogue with you and I. The foundation of understanding this idea is wrapped up in His love for us as our Father-God. Nobody I know has had a “perfect” earthly father or grandfather. So when it comes to […]

Speak Out, Live Out, Reach Out!

One of my mentors in spiritual growth a few years ago was by one of the U.K.’s most influential evangelists: J.John of the Philo Trust. The following devotional is a summary, (along with some scriptures & my thoughts), of a conversation I had with J.John about the 3 most basic mandates for every follower of […]

Will the REAL ST. PATRICK Please Stand Up?

The river that flows through Chicago, U.S.A. is about to become green once again. The annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day brings flowing toasts of green beer throughout America, and strange rituals like this one. The Irish descendants of Chicago might go a little too far in their celebration of Irish Heritage, but it still […]

Agreeing With & Standing On the Word of God

Jesus Himself is the Eternal, Living Word. One of the greatest understandings of the authority of the word of God for the believer is that we have, as it were, a legal right, based upon the name of Jesus Himself and His finished work on the cross, to utilize the word as our Sword and […]

INCARNATION: By Invitation Only

What is the reality of Christmas for a Christian? Simple. Yet, profound: a celebration of the moment that Divine God became man, FOREVER. Incarnation. GOD WITH US. Later, this same reality becomes, GOD IN US, forever Divine! Do I have your attention yet? GOD WITH US: Incarnation. First, the Promise of this coming redeemer, this […]

A Lesson of Thanksgiving From Inside A Belly

What are your favorite memories surrounding the holiday of Thanksgiving? I will wager they don’t immediately center around the idea of “self-sacrifice.” Mine sure don’t. Mine center around the fragrant smells of yummy foods in the oven, selfish gluttony around the dinner table (as large quantities of those foods are consumed), and the inevitable selfish […]

Do You Hear Voices?

With Donald Trump rising in the Polls, I thought I would share a little unknown fact about me: 10 years ago I applied for The Apprentice: the Mark Burnett hit show, starring the Trump Himself. After 4 personal interviews by casting directors in 3 different cities, I was invited to an all-expense paid week in L.A. […]

Why Did Jesus Heal the Sick?

AN ANSWER FROM THE PAST AGE God’s design for your body was initially perfect. There was no sickness/disease, sin, or death in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve both sinned and fell short of the glory of God. Decay and death entered creation, affecting all the created order including our body. Enter God and […]


The GREATEST SIGN (of the End-Times)

News reports have been buzzing all week with the sighting of the “Blood Moon” & solar eclipse in the night sky. This kind of “sign” in the sky will not appear again for 18 years. Many “prophecy experts” around the world are calling this a “sign of the end-times” and yet, I would like to focus […]

Is Your Prayer Life a Monologue or a Dialogue?

Is Your Prayer Life a Monologue or a Dialogue?

Welcome to my second blog post on the subject of prayer as a dialogue with God. For some, this may be a challenging thought! I must confess that it’s taken me many years of walking with God as a Christian to become comfortable with a prayer life that dares to listen to the Almighty. I […]