The GREATEST SIGN (of the End-Times)

News reports have been buzzing all week with the sighting of the “Blood Moon” & solar eclipse in the night sky. This kind of “sign” in the sky will not appear again for 18 years. Many “prophecy experts” around the world are calling this a “sign of the end-times” and yet, I would like to focus […]

Is Your Prayer Life a Monologue or a Dialogue?

Is Your Prayer Life a Monologue or a Dialogue?

Welcome to my second blog post on the subject of prayer as a dialogue with God. For some, this may be a challenging thought! I must confess that it’s taken me many years of walking with God as a Christian to become comfortable with a prayer life that dares to listen to the Almighty. I […]

What is your favorite word

What Is Your Favorite Word?

Welcome to my introductory blog post! A journey of a 1,000 blogs has to start somewhere. This is my first step on that journey. I hope you will find these posts to be filled with themes you can personally and practically connect with in your relationship with God.